Why hire an architect or designer for your home build?

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When considering a new home build or renovation, there are lots of things to consider.

One big question is whether you should hire an architect or designer for the project. At a time when project builders offer an easy option, what value can a designer or architect bring to the project? 

Many people will give you their opinion on whether it’s worth the investment, focusing on the best or worst-case scenarios. Hearing someone else’s experience can shed light on the potential benefits or challenges. But it doesn’t give you the whole picture or illustrate everything that an architect or designer can bring to the table. 

To help you decide whether to hire an architect or designer for your home build or renovation, here are four benefits we bring to our projects at On Home Ground.

4 reasons to hire a designer for your home build

Holistic vision

Our training in architecture means that we look at the project as a whole. This means we take into account the site, the wider environmental context, the budget, the brief, the team and you. We are trained to consider every aspect of the project, giving each element a priority. We spend countless hours studying how various elements interact, what elements push and pull, what parts work together and what parts need to be separated. 

Why hire a designer like us? To ensure your design works as a cohesive whole.

Tailored design

We work closely with you to build a brief that identifies what you need and what you want (hint: these aren’t always the same thing!) We help you to understand the process, give you enough information to make informed decisions and support you throughout. We aren’t here to design buildings we like. Our job is to help you build a home with maximum efficiency, considered spaces and a design that meets the needs of your family, now and into the future. 

Why hire a designer like us? To create a home tailored to the needs of your family.

Creative problem solving

As designers, we understand that a project constraint isn’t a problem. It’s an opportunity to do something different, be playful and take risks. Have a small budget? That’s not a problem. It’s an opportunity to be clever in our design choices and hone in on what’s most important. This is a skill that requires practice – like any muscle it takes a while to build up flexibility. We take the time to connect the pieces and use agile thinking to create designs that fit the brief. 

Why hire a designer like us? To creatively solve problems and jump on opportunities.

Considerate design

We strive to create eco-efficient homes that give you the opportunity to live your most sustainable life. We listen to your sustainability goals and translate them into considered designs that work for you, and our environment, now and down the track. We constantly review our design skills, investigate new materials and look to connect with businesses and people who are making a difference. We provide considered design for a better outcome.

Why hire a designer like us? To harness the best possible design options for your build.

Looking at building or renovating your home? As experienced designers, On Home Ground are specialists in sustainable design. We’re ready to help you bring your dream home to life. Contact us to find out more.